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About Us

Thank you for joining The Loop, a community for Personify clients!

In The Loop, we hope to provide you with opportunities to connect, collaborate and learn with other community members. As a member of The Loop, you are able to enhance your product knowledge and leverage an entire network of product users to share ideas, resources and best practices to better achieve your strategic goals.

We are thankful you're here and have trusted Personify as your technology partner. If you're new to Personify or just want to learn more about we partner over 30,000 organizations build stronger, more connected communities, keep reading below!  

Who is Personify?

Personify partners with associations, chambers of commerce, charities, event professionals, health and wellness facilities, educational institutions and other purpose-driven organizations to help them manage and grow their communities. Our Community Experience Platform combined with our professional service offerings benefit organizations of any size and at any stage of growth.

What are Personify's Guiding Principles?

Now that you’ve partnered with Personify, you’re probably wondering what our values are and how they align with your organization. To that we say— look no further! We value: 

  1. Accountability - we’ll say what we do and we’ll do what we say. 
  2. Curiosity - we seek other perspectives and better ways of doing things. 
  3. Service - exceptional value and service provide a place where colleagues and customers want to be. 
  4. Equity - we value fairness and strive for diversity and inclusion. 
  5. Forgiveness - we assume good intentions and learn from our mistakes. 
  6. Optimism - we believe things are possible with a positive attitude and will. 
  7. Simplicity - we work harder to make things easier. 
  8. Transparency - it’s fundamental to build trust, teamwork and understanding. 

These eight principles guide all of us at Personify to be the best we can be, so you can deliver only the best to those you serve.

How Does Personify Partner with My Organization?

We Talk With You - 
We use our experience to tailor relationship-building solutions to your specific challenges. 

We Work With You - We build trust by working beside you and by delivering a high level of service.

We Grow With You - We offer software and service that works for your organization through every stage of its evolution.

To learn more about Personify's suite of solutions, visit the Explore by Solution section of the One Personify tab on your main navigation.